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  • We Spotted A Trend

    black bear ornament wearing a red hat and black and red plaid scarf

    We recently returned from a buying trip having attended a large gift show. Sometimes it is hard to find something unique at a large show. There is a lot of variety but also a lot of competition. You can however spot a trend. One trend was very apparent and that was the lodge look for the upcoming Christmas season. We saw a lot of black and red plaid, rustic decor and woodland accents. There are so many options with this look. We found some designers that went very rustic with a lot of woodland animals, especially black bears and squirrels. Accents included the regular pinecones and wood mixed with plaids. Other designers went with an elegant rustic adding glittery golds and shiny red ornaments and garland.

    Just a little taste of what you will see this upcoming season. For some it is too early to even think of the 2018 holiday and for others, they take the whole year to plan their Christmas holiday theme and the look for their tree.

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