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  • Staff Pick - Wentworth Puzzles

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    Hey everyone! My name is Samantha, and I have been working at Florida Gifts for at least the past six years. I have a four-year-old son and we are always looking for fun things to do. We recently got into the world of puzzles. Rocky (my son) picked up the concept and is actually way better at puzzles than I would have expected a four-year-old to be. 

    We have bought puzzles in lots of places and lots of different styles. We like the super simple 24-piece ones he can do all by himself, but when we have friends over, or just the two of us are doing a puzzle together, we love the Wentworth puzzles we sell here at Florida Gifts. 

    Not only do the laser cut wood pieces of these puzzles hold up a little better than the traditional cardboard puzzles, but the colors and images are so bright and fun! There are so many different sizes offered, from the smaller 48 piece to our largest at 1500 pieces. We have also recently started carrying 100-piece puzzles geared directly towards children themselves! 

    The packaging of the puzzle is also so nice compared to some of the ones we’ve bought in local stores. The box is very sturdy and has a nice, large picture for reference while building the puzzle, and there’s even a beautiful drawstring bag inside, to keep the broken-down puzzle pieces till you decide to play again. 

    One of our favorite parts about Wentworth Puzzles is the “whimsy” pieces. These are pieces of the puzzle that are cut out into shapes or images that fit the theme of the puzzle itself. Sometimes its flowers, or a watering can, it could even be the Eiffel tower, or a stethoscope. We always try to find these pieces first, almost like a treasure hunt! It also kind of helps us build the rest of the puzzle if we try to build around the whimsies. 

    Now, I could go on and on about why these puzzles are such an amazing purchase, whether for yourself or even as a gift, for anyone really… but I figured I’d let you know which ones are my favorite and even let you in on Rocky’s favorites. My top two are probably the 250-piece High Jinks! And the 250-piece Witches of Hauntsville. The 250-piece puzzles are probably my favorite as far as the amount of time it takes to finish and the varying difficulties even with the same size puzzle. High Jinks! Is modeled after a bookshelf full of vintage look books, predominately featuring strong female spirit. This one was a bit easier to do because of the very straight forward image pattern. Witches of Hauntsville is a little bit more difficult, but I love everything Halloween, and even with the much busier pattern it was still such a fun puzzle to do with friends. Rocky definitely enjoys helping with the larger puzzles, but it can get a little overwhelming and take a little while longer than he would really prefer, so the 100-piece puzzles are perfect for him. Right now, in our store we actually have one of his favorites available. The 100-piece Dinosaurs puzzle! It took us no time to do this one, and the image it ends up being is fun without being too cartoonish, so it will still be a fun puzzle to do years from now.

    Comment below and let us know if you’ve done a Wentworth puzzle before, or even if you end up buying one. What’s your favorite part, is there one you really love that we should try??

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