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  • Spotlight December Diamonds

    December Diamonds Strip Search merman ornament he has a tool belt and wearing all light blue

    December Diamonds makes a line of seasonal decor and ornaments, but they specialize in Mermaids, Merman and Fairies.  These are not your ordinary ornaments.  Made of resin they are detailed and unique.

    While the Merman and Mermaids are called ornaments, they are larger than your normal Christmas ornament but then again, most are not specific to Christmas.  Many collectors have trees just to display their "Diamonds" and they display them all year long.  The full-size Diamonds range between 6 to 7 inches, the smaller versions are about 3 to 4 inches.

    The Fairy collection came out  3 years ago and quickly became popular.  The fairies are of good quality and have beautiful details.  A line of Drag Queens is in the planning stages.  If they share the same degree of excellence in details and design, they are sure to become a collector’s item.

    Not only is this a good product but the owners are very dedicated.  Mark and Greg are very involved with the making of each Mermaid, Merman and Fairy and design them themselves.  Recently December Diamonds instituted a minimum price for the Mermaids, Merman and Fairies.  Be sure you purchase your Diamonds from an authorized dealer.  If you see a low price, it is not an authorized dealer. 

    Florida Gifts ships December Diamonds all over the world. Most of our international orders are December Diamonds.  We have made so many friends with our December Diamonds customers and we regularly get photos of their trees and displays.  

    The 2018 Collection was released March 20th.

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