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  • Heading out for a Buying Trip

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    We are just about to head out for our largest buying trip of the year.  We do this same trip every year. The days are very long but it is always exciting to see the new items and vendors and to say hi to our old friends.  I am not sure how other stores decide what to buy but we stick to some tried and true principles.  The obvious goal is to make money but each year we also set a specific new goal for the store.  

    First and foremost, we only do business with vendors we feel are honest.  Yes, there are a lot of honest businesses out there but there are also a few dishonest ones.  Sometimes they ship our order with items missing.  Sometimes they ship merchandise that is not in new condition. 

    My dad is a lifelong salesman.  He always told me there is a salesperson and then there is an order taker.  Order takers will write any order you give them.  A salesperson will only write an order that will lead to a reorder.  My dad says if a sales person lets you order items that will not sell, you won't be back to order again.  There is money in that first order yes, but the real money is in the repeat sales.   We look for a salesperson when we order for our store.

    We tend to do business only with businesses that are online themselves.  In 2018 you won’t believe how many businesses still use the catalog and fax machine method.  We decided a long time ago that if you don't sell online you probably are not the business for us as we are an online store.  

    Our goal last year was to look for easy to ship items.  Less glass, easier boxing or even pre-boxed.  

    This year our goal is items that can ship for 1 pound or less or that will fit in a flat rate or regional rate box.  Everyone, including myself, looks for free shipping.  The problem with that is that shipping is not free.  Most people don't realize how much shipping costs.  A small box that weighs 1 pound and 1 ounce that ships from Florida to Tennessee costs 8.75.  From Florida to California is a whopping 12.90!  

     The last goal is to stay somewhat a beach shop and then a few collectibles such as December Diamonds and Mark Roberts.  If you walk into a hardware store looking for a hammer, you will likely see other tools that you could use.  Most times you pick up one more items that were not on your list, but you decided you needed anyway.  If, however you walk into a hardware store looking for a hammer and they also sell clothing, shoes, games and toys, you will most likely leave with just your hammer.

     We hope you enjoy shopping in our store.  We try to bring some unique and fun items and we work very hard at keeping our prices as low as possible and to keep shipping to a minimum.   We also hope you leave with more than just one hammer.

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    • Pat Skopp says...

      I was so happy to find your site while searching for December Diamonds ornaments. I attend an ugly or unusual ornament party each year and bring my hosts at least one new ornament to decorate their tree which is filled with many from previous years.

      My all time favorite is the December Diamonds Codfather, but I am always looking for my new favorite as I travel the world. Your site brought me smiles and a few new gifts to share.


      November 22, 2018

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