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  • Everything You Need to Know About the Flour Sack Towel

    Everything You Need to Know About the Flour Sack Towel

    Flour sack towels sack towels originated from the sacks used to package sugar, flour and other staples in the 1800’s.  During the great depression these sacks were recycled into many household items such as drapes, aprons, sheets and yes, kitchen towels.  Manufacturers took notice of the growing popularity and began printing designs onto the towels as a way to encourage people to buy their product. In the United Kingdom the flour sack towel is often referred to as a “tea towel”.  The term “tea towel” and “flour sack towel” can be used interchangeably.

    While the packaging for staples changed over time, the use of the flour sack kitchen towel never lost its charm.  These vintage towels have become increasingly popular over time due to their quality and advantages over other types of kitchen towels.

    Flour sack towels are superior to other towels because they are lint free, absorbent, resist shrinking and are easy to store as they are not bulky.  Because they are reusable they are also eco-friendly

    Made with 100% cotton, these multipurpose towels can be used to complete any task around the home or kitchen.  Because they are lint free you can use them to clean mirrors or polish glass without leaving a mess behind.

    Flour Sack towels are easy to use. Because the cotton is tightly woven, these towels absorb liquids easily.  The weave is not as tight as a cheese cloth but looser than a typical cotton towel.  Most flour sack towels are hemmed on all edges.

    Flour Sack towels should be washed in cold water using the gentle cycle using mild detergents.  Do not use bleach or use bleach alternatives as it may damage the graphic designs on your towel.  Air dry or tumble dry, no heat.  Iron on the reverse side only.

    Flour Sack towels can be used as part of your kitchen décor. These towels come in a wide variety of designs and graphics.  There is a towel available for every holiday and room design.

    Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! Florida Gifts offers a delightful selection of flour sack towels for every occasion. Whether you're searching for a unique or practical present, our collection has you covered. Explore our range of seasonally themed flour sack towels and discover the ideal gift for any time of year

    Our best selling flour sack towels are from Mary Lake Thompson.   Popular because they are a full 30 x 30, have hemmed edges and the graphic designs are endless.  Mary Lake Thompson designs towels for every holiday so it is easy to keep your kitchen or grill area dressed up in style.  This line also features both single bagged towels as well as ribbon tied sets of 2. Recently she introduced reusable kitchen sponge cloths with fun designs as well.  Mary Lake Thompson graphics are on the lower center of the towel only which displays nicely when hung over a towel rack.

    Another popular choice is the flour sack towel from C&F Home.  These towels are smaller at 18 x 27 and also have hemmed edges.  Unlike Mary Lake Thompson, C&F embroider the design on their towels.

    All kitchen towels at Florida Gifts ship for free.

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