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Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament, Rooster

Side view of a colorful rooster ornament. The body is gold with glue and green feathers and a red crop.  Sparkle finish all over.

Old World Christmas's glass blown ornament of a rooster is part of a comprehensive collection of 1,400 proprietary designs. This ornate piece is hand crafted in a process that originates from the 1800s. The molten glass is blow into finely carved molds for Old World Christmas, and then the ornaments are hand-painted and glittered through several laborious steps. Measuring at 3.25 inches, this ornament is inspired by the legend of a rooster that crowed only once at midnight to announce the birth of Baby Jesus; Spanish and Latin American countries refer to their midnight mass on Christmas Eve as the Mass of the Rooster, or Misa del Gallo.


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