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De Rosa Baby Nile Crocodile Figurine F362 3.5 Inches x 2.375 Inches x 2.75 Inches

Alligator shaped figurine alligator looking over shoulder.  Gold with teal and black diamond accents. Lots of texture.

Baby Nile Crocodile figurine. Ceramic, approximately 3.5 inches x 2.375 inches x 2.75 inches.  

Every creation of the De Rosa Collections is the result of a unique handmade process of the highest technical and artistic quality. Each figurine is carved and painted by hand; insuring no two subjects are ever carved exactly the same. Hand  carved and hand painted in Uruguay De Rosa sculptures are accented with platinum, gold and vibrant enamel glazes.

Each piece is supplied gift boxed, with a certificate of authenticity and information regarding our 100% handmade process and cleaning recommendations.


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