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Christmas Ornament with Message and Bow. Merry Christmas to My Dear, Sweet, Mom

Oval hanging ornament with female character and text.

Christmas Ornament or Gift.  Merry Christmas to My Dear, Sweet, Mom.  Resin coated ornament.  Approximately 4.75 inches X 3.625 inches.  Bell and ribbon Accent.

Back says:  Merry Christmas, Mom - This time of year reminds me of all my favorite childhood memories like baking cookies, wrapping presents, and reading Christmas stories...  All memories you created for me.  But I also cherish deeper, more meaningful memories you gave me as well.  I remember how you always gave spare change to the Salvation Army and all the times you helped others who were in need, helping them have a Merry Christmas, too.  That's why Christmas still holds so much magic for me.  You taught me that it was never about the "getting" but rather about the "giving," showing me the value of selfless service without saying a single word. You taught me the true reason for the season.

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