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Chase Your Dreams Metal Visor Clip Flip Note Case With Pen and 3 Pack Refill

Rectangle shaped visor notepad with attached pen & package of line paper.  Gold

The blank note pad has a metal case that keeps edges from ruffling and tearing, and a handy retractable pen which keeps the protective cover in place. Slide the pen up and the cover flips open. Note pad is perforated, no messy tears. Flip Notes are great for purses, backpacks and briefcases to jot notes. Wellspring metal visor clip flip note case with pen and 3 pack refill.  1 metal visor clip note pad case with retractable pen.  Flip note refill lined paper pad has 3 pads shrink wrapped together.  Metal note metal case approximately 4.38 inches x 3 inches.  Note pad refill approximately 4.125 inches x 2.375 inches.

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