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2 Mary Lake Thompson SC345 Reusable Kitchen Sponge Cloths, Hummingbirds

Ribbed sponge clothes with 3 flying hummingbirds in yellow and green. 2 have red on their head and 1 is carrying a flower
2 Hummingbird reusable sponge cloths.  Naturally soft, lint free and highly absorbent, sponge cloths are great for washing dishes, wiping up spills, polishing, cleaning household surfaces and so much more.  Biodegradable, reusable, eco friendly, highly absorbent, and lint free.  Reduces the need for paper towels and traditional sponges. Will last several months with regular use.  30% cotton & 70% wood pulp cellulose. Simply toss in the washing machine to disinfect and re-use over and over again.
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