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Glass Green Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Topper Or Stopper

Clear Green glass turtle sitting on top of silver bottle stopper. Turtle shell is brown.

Add a touch of ocean-inspired charm to your wine bottles with our Glass Green Sea Turtle Wine Bottle Topper! Measuring approximately 2.25 inches, this topper fits most wine bottles and helps preserve the freshness of your favorite wines. Embrace the vibrant colors and intricate design of this beautiful topper to elevate your wine tasting experience!  

Baby sea turtles rely on the natural light from the horizon as well as white crests of waves to reach the water when they emerge from their nest. To form the unique designs you see on each wine stopper Dynasty Gallery lampwork artists use an open flame torch to melt down glass rods and then delicately shape the molten glass. Each wine bottle stopper will make an artistic statement while keeping your favorite vintage fresh with an air tight seal.

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