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Wildflowers Evening Primrose & Coneflowers Planter or Vase 6.75 Inches

Grey pot with different flowers all over it.

Planter or a vase, 3.25 Inches x 4.75 Inches x 3.25 Inches.

A colorful array of blooms from daisies to Billy balls and dandelion blossoms are arranged ever so delicately in this porcelain favorite by Eli Halpin. Our line of vases are perfect to dress up your garden's flower clippings or to hold a range of objects in a more exciting way. Arrange floral stunners from your garden in an artful vase that is sure to brighten the dullest surface. These are unique gift options and can be used in a multitude of ways - small vases make great pen and pencil holders for the home office, while the large vases double as great kitchen utensil holders.

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